Temporary System is a cloud-based software publisher/incubator based in Vancouver, Canada. We strive to build software that aims to connect people, build communities and help local businesses to grow.


At Temporary System, we strive to develop grassroots software that serves our local communities. Since 2019, we have been developing cloud-based applications both through partnerships with local communities and the municipalities that serve them.

Young Families of Metro Vancouver

YFMV is a community of families for families that serves as a local community support network that focuses on alleviating hardships and sharing resources to help each family in the YFMV community go from surviving to thriving. YFMV’s key goal is to harness the power of technology to build lasting community bonds that will impact every family in the Metro Vancouver Area.

Temporary System has been involved in developing the web platform and the mobile application for YFMV, which has been instrumental in the implementation and simplification of their Food Drive program. As of July 2020, YFMV has facilitated no-contact delivery of two weeks worth of healthly, customized groceries to 36 families. Temporary System has worked with YFMV to leverage technological tools to automate their processes, and designed the IT infrastructure to ensure that the tools in the cloud were having an effect to the boots on the ground. 

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Temporary System was founded in 2019 by Helen Chae, an embedded software engineer and her son Ryan Lee, the second-generation programmer in the family,

Helen Chae started her career in 1982 when there were few women in the field. She went on to become a prominent programmer in her field in South Korea. For many years, she has served as an advocate and a mentor for women in engineering field.

For Ryan Lee, the chance to code with his mom and build something together as a family was too much to ignore, and he has been working tirelessly ever since to build together their legacy of success through hard work and determination.
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