All coded in BC, Canada, our dedicated development services help local creative agencies to develop robust web and mobile applications for their clients. We remove the technical burdens of a project so that you can focus on building a better client experience. 


We follow industry best practices and project management methodologies throughout every project. We also believe that a strong team makes a project successful. Our developers worked as a team for over 3 years before they created Temporary System. Our robust teamwork allows us to take on any type of development project confidently.


We believe a product is never finished until users can use the product to achieve their stated goals or solve the stated problem. As part of a continuous delivery approach, we put our efforts into listening to user's feedback in order to identify and resolve issues, potential improvement and new features. Further, we invest in you and your organization by providing various training tools, documentation and online training sessions to make sure a product is in action.


We follow clean code practices, industry-standard version control, and technical documentation to ensure that your in-house team can easily maintain the product after handover is complete. We also provide flexible maintenance plans to suit your needs if you don’t want to take that on internally.


Dedicated Website Development

Our commitment is to help you choose the most suitable technologies for your project. 

We will build your website from the ground up by utilizing our masterly of proven technologies including Wordpress, Drupal, Laravel, Django, Ruby-on-rails, NodeJS Express, Golang, or just good-old static HTMLs. We also love leveraging tools such as Webflow, Shopify, Squarespace, and Wordpress page builders such as Divi, Elementor and Oxygen Builder, to add flavour to a firm foundation. Finally, we use ReactJS and VueJS for our frontend web applications.

Dedicated Mobile App Development

We primarily develop Android mobile apps with Kotlin,  and iOS applications with Swift. We also build mobile apps with React Native, Flutter and Ionic.

Information Architecture and UX/UI

No matter how much data or how complex your ideas are, we apply leading information architecture design to create simple and powerful UX/UI that will guide your users through their interaction with your website/app.

Refactoring and Unit Test

Are you tired of messy legacy codes with no unit tests? We can help you refactor your codes and write unit tests. We provide such services in following languages: PHP, Java, Python, Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript, Ruby, C++ and Golang.

Monolith to Microservices or vice-versa

Is your monolith app too clunky to handle or perhaps you have microservices scattered around that you want to consolidate? We can help you convert your monolith into microservices or bundle your microservices into a monolith using industry-standard patterns and strategies. Our specialists will also help you deploy them on to Azure, AWS and Google Cloud with Kubernetes and Docker.


We are a multidisciplinary team speaking 6 different languages, and we all have years of experience in different industries that makes us more than the sum of our parts. 

Ryan Lee

Lead Developer

Ryan Yao

Frontend Developer
Product Designer

Nick Liu

Mobile Developer

John Mocan

Frontend Developer

Dima Balaban 

Wordpress Developer

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